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Smaro (Smaragdi) Gourgouliatou
Oct. 17, 1964 - May 28, 1992

My dear friends,

May 28, 2004 marks exactly 12 years since my sister Smaro passed away. Most years the anniversary did not affect me, however, when the years are certain round numbers, like 6 or 12, my mind is constantly with her. I could not concentrate at work. Left the office early today. Why does separation hurts so much?

Here is picture of her, about a year before she passed away. Soon after her disease started taking her beauty away. She would have been 40 this year.

For some reason, I felt like sharing this with you. Thank you for checking this page.

Yours truly,


I have received many beautiful responses. Thank you very much for you kindness and support. Have posted here the ones that have really touched me. If you want to share your thoughts, please e-mail them to me. E-mail:


Dear Zafiris,

I am very glad you share these emotions. This is a very beautiful picture. I have seen it many times at your place... I thought it was her, but I never asked.

Life is always too short, we cannot have and do everything we wish...At least we can make choices. And hopefully at right times.



I too lost my sister. It was a tragedy, and no one in the family is the same. It's good that you think of her and let others know about her. As long as we carry our loved ones in our hearts they are still with us.


Smaro  (1970)

Smaro (1983).

Hi Zafiri:

I am so sorry you are feeling blue on this day. Your sister was so beautiful and if she was even remotely like you, I can imagine the pain you must be feeling at her loss.

I have had quite an emotional day myself so perhaps something is going on with the planets. And oddly enough, I, too, left the office early to go home and cry.

It's a gift to be able to actually feel pain.  We are a quick fix society and it is very ease to numb out. And, it is so great to feel even if it is unbearable at the time. I thank you for reminding me of this.

Perhaps Smaro's spirit is calling out to you - as the year when one turns 40 can be challenging. I cannot help but think she is sending you her love as well wherever she may be.  Tell me about her name.

And, please know that you are loved very very much.  I send you a big gigantic hug and kisses.


Dear Zafiris,

Your sister Smaro was very beautiful, and her resemblance to you is striking. While I know your question was rhetorical, the answer inevitably lies in our ability to remember and to care. You experience the pain of separation because you miss speaking with her, laughing with her, sharing her joys and disappointments, watching her grow and continue to blossom, and also because of your shared history, or because she was or might have become an even closer friend to you, and also, because as your sister, she was a part of you. Probably with her, a little part of you went, too.

I know only that she left this earth far too soon for those whose lives she was part of, or whose lives she touched, and quite likely too, for those whose lives she would have touched. For that, I too, am sad. I shall light a candle for her the next time I go to church. Know too, that she must be watching over you, and that you are not alone. You do have people who care about you and whose lives are far richer for your friendship.

I extend to you a comforting hug . . .

Me agape,

Smaro with Sisters Doxa and Evie (1987)

Smaro, Easter 1984

Zafiri, dear friend.

What a beautiful, effervescent woman. Her beautiful hair, her pose, her delicate position.  How you must suffer.  Of course.  they never really leave us.  I have not lost  sibling.  I can't imagine the pain of separation.

Talk to her.  spend an hour just telling her your feelings.  Speak aloud.  She will hear you.  I find that this is a release.  My thoughts are with you and I'm especially happy you sent a photo.  Oh, she was so young.  You didn't mention the disease, but they eat away. 

I am so sorry you and your family had to suffer such a loss.



I am so sorry you are experiencing so much pain, maybe it is Gods way of keeping her close to you and always in your memories. Keep in mind the separation hurts us who are left on this planet, not the people who have moved on. I'm positive your sister is in a much better place and probably smiling down on you right now!

Thank you for sharing.

Truly your friend,

Smaro, 1985

Thank you for sharing.  She was a beautiful person.  She may be in a better place, be happy for her.  Any time you think of her, she is with you, and many many years from now you may meet her again.
Who knows...
Cherish your memories until.
My mom died in '94...already 10 years.  I miss her too.



I'm sorry to hear about your loss Zafiris. There's nothing more painful than the loss of a young life. She's almost angelic in a way and so maybe God needed her beside him in heaven.
Best always,


Zafiri mou,

Se efharisto pou mirastikes tin lipi sou gia ton proimo horismo me tin omorfi adelfi sou.
Simmerizomai ton pono sou.
Eis mnimin tis adelfis sou.
May her love warm your heart.

Me agapi,



She is very beautiful in the photo and in your heart.  I'm sorry you can not still share her in this life, but her memory is with your being and that is so very precious.  May this memory be forever.
What a wonderful gift she has left you with.

Love you.


Thank you for sharing your pain.

Almost exactly twenty years ago, On June 23, 1984, my brother John died of cancer. My mother died a year ago on June 26. Somehow, my brother's death is hard to overcome.

The Greek saying is very true: Mirasmeni Hara, Dipli Hara, Mirasmeni Lipi, Misi Lipi. (Shared joy is double joy. Shared sorrow is half sorrow.)



I feel for you and my heart goes out to you my dear friend.

Although, we've been told time heals everything, I noticed this doesn't apply to you or me. We have a heart and our loved ones will always be with us, we do not want to let go and that is OK.

We should also remember that they were in ill health and now they are at a better place and aren't suffering anymore. Still, it's unfair that they were taken from us so young but in reality no one can take them from our hearts and minds. Their memory will remain with us forever till we see them again.

Be grateful for the wonderful years you spend with your sister, concentrate on the good times you two had rather than the loss. Beautiful people who touch our hearts are never forgotten -- and your beautiful sister is one of them!

Be strong my friend, put a smile on your face and be thankful -- I am thinking of you and sharing in your grief during this difficult time,

with much love,


Dear Zafiri,

Thanks for sharing with us. You brought us to reality. We forget but only for little while. Smaro will be with us always. No matter how much time passes by.

We are sending you some pictures from Kolindros in the spring. We'll talk soon, when we come to the States.

C. and V.


Dear Zafiris,

I read your beautiful and loving tribute to your sister and the messages, so moving, offered by your friends. I remembered that you had once told me about her and had showed me her picture. I have no special words of comfort to offer you. My experiences have been so different. I can only tell you that you are my friend. In that regard you are a man of great wealth because you always attract people to you because you offer much in the way of friendship. I apologize for not being a better friend to you. 

Because you are Smaro's brother, her memory will be eternal.



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