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Exorcism Against Demonic Influence (Evil Eye - Κακό Μάτι - Βασκανία)
From: The Orthodox Christian Priest's Service Book (Mikron Euchologion - Μικρόν Ευχολόγιον).
An exorcism (prayer) that Orthodox Christian Priests read to faithful when there is suspicion or evidence or demonic influence, such as "evil eye" (κακό μάτι),

[Demonax,] ...observing a soothsayer one day officiating for pay, he said: 'I cannot see how you can ask pay. If it is because you can change the course of Fate, you cannot possibly put the figure high enough: if everything is settled by Heaven, and not by you, what is the good of your soothsaying?'
Lucian of Samosata (125-180 AD), Discourses Vol. III, Life of Demonax (Δημώναξ 70-170 AD)


Ευχή εις βασκανίαν *** Exorcism Against Demonic Influence

Κύριε ο Θεός ημών, ο Βασιλεύς των αιώνων, ο παντοκράτωρ και παντοδύναμος, ο ποιών πάντα και μετασκευάζων μόνω τω βούλεσθαι. Ο την επταπλάσιον κάμινον και την φλόγα την εν Βαβυλώνι εις δρόσον μεταβαλών, και τους Αγίους σου τρεις Παίδας σώους διαφυλάξας. Ο ιατρός και θεραπευτής των ψυχών ημών. Η ασφάλεια των εις σε ελπιζόντων.

Σου δεόμεθα και σε παρακαλούμεν, απόστησον, φυγάδευσον, και απέλασον πάσαν διαβολικήν ενέργειαν, πάσαν σατανικήν έφοδον και πάσαν επιβουλήν, περιεργείαν τε πονηράν και βλάβην και οφθαλμών βασκανίαν των κακοποιών και πονηρών ανθρώπων από του δούλου σου (τάδε) και ή υπό ωραιότητος ή ανδρείας ή ευτυχίας ή ζηλου και φθόνου ή βασκανίας συνέβη, αυτός φιλάνθρωπε Δέσποτα, έκτεινον την κραταιάν σου χείρα και τον βραχίονα σου τον ισχυρόν και ύψιστον, και επισκόπων επισκόπησον το πλάσμα σου τούτο, και κατάπεμψον αυτώ Άγγελον ειρηνικόν, κραταιόν ψυχής και σώματος φύλακα, ος επιτιμήσει και απελασει απ’ αυτού πάσαν πονηράν βουλήν, πάσαν φαρμακείαν και βασκανίαν των φθοροποιών και φθονερών ανθρώπων.

Ίνα υπό σου ο σος ικέτης φρουρούμενος, μετ’ ευχαριστίας ψάλλει σοι. <<Κύριος εμοι βοηθός και ου φοβηθήσομαι τι ποιήσει μοι άνθρωπος>>. Και πάλιν ου φοβηθήσομαι κακά, ό,τι εσύ μετ’ εμού ει.

Ό,τι συ ει ο Θεός, κραταίωμα μου, ισχυρός εξουσιαστής, άρχων ειρήνης, πατήρ του μέλλοντος αιώνος. Ναι, Κύριε ο Θεός ημών, φείσαι του πλάσματος σου, και σώσον τον δούλον σου από πάσης βλάβης και επήρειας της εκ βασκανίας γινομένης, και ανώτερον αυτόν παντός κακού διαφύλαξον.

Πρεσβείαις της υπερευλογημένης, ενδόξου Δεσποίνης ημών Θεοτόκου και αειπαρθένου Μαρίας, των φωτοειδών Αρχαγγέλων, και πάντων σου των Αγίων. Αμήν.



Lord, our God, the King of ages, the almighty and omnipotent, the creator or everything and modifying anything by Your will alone. You, who turned the seven-fold fire at Babylon into dew and protected the Saintly three Youths. You, the doctor and curator of our souls. You, the safety of the hopeful to you.

We pray to You and plead, to extract, depose, and outcast any diabolic energy, any satanic attack, and any maleficence, lustful curiosity and calamity, and evil eye of malevolent and wicked people from your servant (name) and whether from beauty, or valiance, or happiness, or jealousy and envy, or evil eye, this has happened. You, charitable Lord extend your dominating hand and your arm, the strong and supreme, and, from above attend to this creation of yours and send to him an Angel of peace, defender of the soul and protector of the body, who will intimidate and send away from him any evil thought, any poisoning or any evil eye of the malevolent and envious people.

So, guarded under you, your supplicant will sing with gratitude “the Lord is assisting me and will not be afraid of what man may attempt against me.” and again, will not be afraid of evil, because you are with me.

Because you are the Lord, my strength, the potent ruler, the prince of peace, and father-creator of future ages. Yes, Lord, our God, show mercy on your creation and save your servant from any damage or influence originating from the evil eye and make him superior of any evil and protect him.

Through the intercessions of our hallowed, glorified Lady of ours, Mother of God and ever-virgin Mary, of the light-like Archangels, and all Your Saints, Amen.


Translation into English from the Greek original text by Zafiris Gourgouliatos, © 2009. Free reproduction and dissemination by permission and mentioning of the source.

Originally published in the Byzantine Rite, sometimes called the Rite of Constantinople (4th century AD). This text is taken from a reprint of the Mikron Euchologion published in  Venice in 1526 which was the print version of the Barberini Euchologion (790 AD).

Note: According to a respected orthodox spiritual advisor, if it is for the purpose of exorcism, this prayer should be only read by an ordained priest of the Eastern Orthodox Church. If it is read by a layperson (someone who is not a priest), it is possible that the demonic influence enters this person and since this person does not have the grace and protection that priesthood provides, it may stay with him.


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